Around the World in 80 Days

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Gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg sets out on a quest to travel around the world and back home in a period of 80 days.


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Little Manthri

After the first 2 episodes, you will get hooked. Binge watched the entire season. Thanks PSArips.


I really enjoyed this. Fantastic acting, scenery and music. It's a feel good tale of diverse and international friendships. In the context we live in, it was much needed. And I had lost hope in the BBC producing something with these values in our current context.


That was quick…! PSA guys are clearly keeping their eyes on the ball


people are review bombing it on Imdb but it’s 9/10 for me!


I like the fill season in 1 torrent thanks for putting it together, Top job from the team.


I've only seen 2 eps and I'd say this show is perfectly good. But for those who've read Jules Verne, it'll be a mediocre adaptation. They made few questionable changes in the name of being inclusive I guess, but what's really missing is the zany adventure momentum that the book had. On the plus side, the cast is great and the CG is good so it's certainly worth a watch. Thanks for the pack!

Damon Salvatore




Mayank j

Thanks for the 720p quality psa rips team πŸ™‚
Why my message say awaiting for approval 😭


All comments require approval, because safeguards need to be in place. Posting links can get the website showing up in search results (making it a target for those who go after creative visual re-designers like Doc and Val), and some comments are just too dumb or spammy to allow. Also, it gives folks the chance to edit their comments after hitting "Post Comment."


Thank you, Sirs.